07 June 2007

Mum left to go home today, at the end of her month long visit. We are really going to miss her and are looking forward to her next visit. Here are some of the highlights.
There are no pictures of her arriving as we were about 10 mins late picking her up, oopps.

Tea and tinnies at
Port O' Call.

Paddling in the Pacific.

The little car Mum has been driving around Hawkes Bay in.

At the airport waiting for her flight home.

The last wave before she boarded the plane for Auckland.

Her plane taking off.


Blossom Hill said...

Hi Nicola,
Hope you are not too sad about your mum leaving. Mine is coming to visit me in July (I haven't seen her for 7 years!)
I have a very similar photo taken at Port O' Call in Napier, with my friends' Keriann and Jane :)

Nicola said...

Hi Hazel

Not too sad as we had such a good time having her here, and know she will be back soon.

It was Keriann that first introduced me to Port O' Call, we went there for Dale's birthday. I will try to post that pic sometime.

There must be something about Port O' Call that makes you want to be photographed.

Nicola said...

I bet you are looking forward to your Mum's visit. Seven years is a long time.


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