20 October 2007

Hawkes Bay A and P Show 2007

Yesterday was a local holiday and Hawkes Bay A & P Show. Usually we go on the Thursday, which is busy enough for us. This year we decided to go on the Friday and it was just too crowded and too busy. Still got to see some cool animals. I would like to take home one or two of the alpacas above to mow my lawn.

And my youngest and I would like a few chickens to lay us some eggs. We have even entered a raffle to win a hen and two black bantams, not sure if my fingers are crossed or not as if we win we will have to purchase a home for them if we win. Although my youngest says they will be OK in his bedroom!

As much as I love the A & P show. I really hate fun fairs, the smell, the crowds, the noise and the cost. Yuk. But kids love them, so you have to do the stand around and watch them thing. I could not get out of that area of the show fast enough. Could not even bring myself to take a pic to show you.

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