15 October 2007

Yesterday's Daisies

Last year this bank was covered in pine trees, which were chopped down. Now it is covered in Daisies. Stunning.


Hazel said...

Hi Nicola,

I can't keep up with your diligent blog posting. So many gorgeous photos to look at. Is Clive Square the park with the chiming bells in Napier, or is that a different park?

Nicola said...

Hi Hazel

My aim was to do at least one blog a day, to improve my writing ablities. I do not manage to blog everyday, but I do try. I have also not managed to improve my writing skills, but I think I have improved my photographic skills, although I do have a long way to go. And I now realise how important photography is to me.

Yes Clive Square is the one with the bells. I work in an office just off Clive Square and get to here them chime. It still makes me want to laugh at the cuteness of them.


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