20 October 2007

Mr Lovely Legs

Peter today noticed a box of books in the garage that looked interesting. So got out the ladder to have a look at them. And guess what he fell off, now isn't that a suprise climbing a ladder with a broken finger. On the way down he whacked his crushed finger repeatedly. So off we went to the ED to get it checked out. Four and a half hours later, after seeing the doctor for 30 seconds and getting his wounded finger re-dressed we toddled off home. You may wonder why there is a picture of Peter's lovely legs above and below. Can you spot the problem with them. Yep, not only had Peter whacked his bad finger, he had also whacked his knee. The pain from his finger obviously masked the pain from his leg. Guess where we will be going tomorrow if the swelling does not go down. What a lovely way to spend the holiday weekend.

You know, I wonder what will happen next. So far this year we have had - Broken kitchen appliances Fridge, Cooker and Dishwasher. We bought a second hand dishwasher from Trademe for $50, as forking out for three new applicances in one year was getting a bit expensive. It works really well, no leaks and it is really solid. But the dishes actually come out dirtier than you put them in! So we are back to hand washing, or should I say I am back to hand washing. Peter had his credit card number hijacked and maxed out via Internet shopping by some fraudster back in the UK. Our middle teenager has acquired a very interesting girlfriend and is attempting to take irresponsability to record heights. Then Peter fell off his bike and crushed his finger, not a good thing for a dentist. Would you want your dentist approaching your with a fat black yukky finger. What is going to be the next disaster?


Peter said...

"Box of books", at least that is what I told Nicola. But I think she may have guessed where I have hidden the Alpaca I have for her birthday.

Nicola said...

Actually dear, I am cancelling my birthday this year. I can have two next year when we have picked ourselves up again. Do not feel much like celebrating anything at the moment.

Peter said...

Anybody want to buy a second hand Alpaca ?


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