08 October 2007

Peter's hand

Just had to leave my hubby behind in hospital. He fell of his bike this morning on the way to work. For some reason he landed on the fingers of his left hand. Nothing else was damaged, or scraped, or bruised. Just a couple of fingers squished. At first we thought he just needed stitches. Then it became clear that he would need surgery. The bone in the top of his finger is totally pulverised. So that's where he is right now, at least he has a window bed with a reasonable view.

And if you want to see the pic of his fingers just let me know. He insisted I took one. Infact he even txted a snap to his work collegues, they did not recieve it. So some poor soul is wondering why they have a snap of a yukky finger.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Im praying for Pete
I hope the surgery goes well
and that he makes a full and speedy recovery

he also sounds like my man wanting to show all the gory details LOL


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