22 October 2007

No More Daisies

No more daisies pics for a while. My camera has disapeared. I had it this afternoon while taking some pics in Dale's garden, put it back in my handbag and now it is gone. I feel very lost without it. I have retraced my steps, phoned the supermarket and had Dale searching her garden with a torch. Fingers crossed that our insurance covers us for lost items. If you have any daisy pics please send them to me so I can have something to post, or any other interesting pics would be welcome. Just leave a comment and I will send you my email address. Or if you happen to find a very battered Sony Cyber-shot lying around in Havelock, please let me know.

I told you the disasters had not stopped. I am usually a "glass half full" type of girl, but the latest run of disasters I think will continue for a while. Peter even managed to break the lid on his favourite teapot today. If you know Peter you would know that this is a big issue for him, he is never more than 2-3 mins away from a cup of tea and usually has a mug of tea attached to his right hand. He has had to resort to using my favourite Laura Ashley pale blue and white floral teapot, not his idea of what a teapot should be. For my part, it is maybe not wise to let him use my favourite teapot that I have had for 27 years. Will post a pic of it when I am able to again and if it survives Peter.

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