01 November 2007

Guess what I have got

My new camera has arrived at last. So here is the first batch of pics.
I tryed to grow scarlet valerian in my last garden and it just never got going. Here in my current garden it is everywhere, on the drive, in the borders, in my son's sand pit and even in the cracks on the veranda steps.

The New Zealand Iris, not very showey, but so delicate.

I could not miss out the daisies.

This rose smells as good as it looks. And to think last year I nearly dug it out. Glad I didn't get round to doing it.

I love Alliums. I could not find any bulbs in the shops and had to send to a mail order bulb firm to get some. Then the next day found them really, really cheap in the local supermarket. This is one of the really really cheap ones and doesn't it look good.

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