27 November 2007

The New Additions

The new additions to the family have arrived and are scurrieing around there new penthutch. The pet shop claim that they are from the same litter, are 5 weeks old and both females. I am not convinced there is a big difference in size between them.

The brown one is Caramello, which is the name of my youngest's favourite chocolate bar.

The stripey one is Scatter, because she does. No it was not the camera that caused the red eye here, Scatter does really have pink eyes.

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Hazel said...

Hi Nicola,
Apologies for not popping into your blog posts for ages. I have just read through them and envy your lovely warm weather as we are now well and truly into winter temps! Your new members of the family Scatter and Caramello are so cute! Maybe I should make one in felt?
Lovely photos as always.
Hazel x


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