08 February 2009


The end of the summer holidays arrived and along with it big changes in our household. My eldest is off to University, which we have been preparing ourselves for for ages. He still has a week before he goes. My middle child is also finished school and has started at EIT the local college. One of the things he required was steel toe capped boots, above. No more school uniforms for him, just boots and overalls. And after one week of stripping down an engine, he is in heaven. I would have prefered him to stay on at school, he is very capable, but at the end of the day he is doing what inspires him. If you have to do a job for the next 40 odd years then what is important is being able to enjoy the work you have choosen.
Since we were in the shoe shop buying big boots, I thought I should splash out on some new jandels. Red with polka dots.

There was one change which kind of snuck up on me. My youngest is now in the senior part of primary school. He gets a real desk and a proper full size chair. No little chair and tables anymore. Good job as he has lost most of his name from his chair bag, and grown about five inches over the summer. It seems like one day he was a little boy and all of a sudden he isn't, he has grown up into the next stage and I was so busy with the older two and forgot his life was about to go through a change too.


retrorose said...

Oh, I hope you are okay with the eldest going. Will he be going far?
I was wondering what inspiration you could cast on my giveaway.

Nicola said...

Yes I am happy my oldest is spreading his wings and flying down to the south island. It is very gratifying to see your kids start off on their life, with high ideals and aims. Especially when I have such a challenging middle child. I will of course miss him so much, and worry about him. But it is time for him to go, and he is ready. I just need to be there to catch him if things don't work as planned, which I know will not be needed.

the vintage magpie said...

I always find with 3 children I can never concentrate on them all at the same time. While you are looking at one, the other one has grown up under your nose. xx

Nicola said...

So very true.

Julz said...

Ooh so many changes for all your boys, and poor mum and dad trying to keep up :) A year of wonderful changes and new opportunities for them. PS: Your polka dot jandels are very cute. Hugs Jx


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