06 February 2009

Don't turn your back

Courgettes at last. For a couple of years, I have not been doing to well with courgettes and I love them in salads, with spaghetti and roasted in the oven. I usually manage to grow a lot of leaves, a lot of flowers and only a very few odd shaped things with yellow ends. This year at last I have managed to grow some courgettes. But, I now have just too many courgettes, even eating them at every meal I just can't keep up. And if you turn your back for two minutes the lovely little courgettes turn into whopping great big enormous marrowey things. If you know of any good recipes for courgettes, please leave a comment.

The apples are in the picture just to give perspective and because they are the new seasons first apples and they are delicious.

1 comment:

retrorose said...

Can I suggest using them as disposable rolling pins. Just a thought.


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