19 February 2009

Simply worth the wait

At last after a long wait of months and months the 14th February arrived. I was sooo excited. And it was so worth the wait. An absolutly brilliant concert, Simply Red did not disapoint at all. The band was excellent and Mick's voice was incredible. I think the enthusiasm of the performers for what they were doing showed through and infected the crowd. We took our picnic, bought our bottle of wine, sang along at the top of our voices and danced till our legs fell off (well not really, but it felt like that the following morning). I had such a good time. I came out wanting to go and see them again and again and again.
And to think that the organisers of the mission concert thought that Simply Red were not a big enough band for them, hmmm. I know who I would choose to go and see if I had a choice.
Roll on Billy Connoly tomorrow night.

1 comment:

retrorose said...

What! Billy Connolly. First you tease me with the weather, now BC.


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