24 February 2009

Today's Daisies #78 - Christchurch

My eldest started University in Christchurch last week. I went down with him for a couple of days, thinking we could spend some time together, exploring the city. On arriving at the Halls of Residence he decided that he wanted to spend time with his mates exploring his new environment. Great I thought for two reasons, firstly that he was keen to get stuck into university life and secondly I got the day to myself visiting things I wanted to see. I am so happy that he is at Uni and full of the enthusiasm of a first year student. I feel like some where along the line I must have done something right. So no tears for me when we parted, I am just so proud of him. I do miss him tons now I am back at home, especially in the evenings when I am cooking supper and he is not around to come and talk to me.

Anyway, back to daisies. On my wanderings around the sights of Christchurch I came across quite a few daisies. Some quite surprising.

You can't tell me this window in the Cathedral does not look like daisies, even though it is called a rose window.

The walls of the Cathedral are covered in the most beautiful mosaics, which feature lots of daisies ......
........ and interesting motifs. I was very shocked to see swastikas in the Cathedral, until I read the notice below.

Isn't it sad that something that represented good luck could be so misused and come to symbolise something so awful.

I found this wonderful piece of lead lighting in the Arts Centre, which used to be the old University of Canterbury before it moved to its current campus.

This wonderful piece of work I found in the Canterbury Museum. Most unusual, can you guess what it is made off?

Did you guess! Hair! What can you say, I had no idea that people would make things like this out of hair.

Plaster daisy on the outside of the Museum.

Last of all a beautiful sunny yellow daisy from the Botanical Gardens. If you want to see more pictures of Christchurch, I will be posting them to a new blog I have an idea for. I will let you know when I get it set up.


CurlyPops said...

The stained glass windows are just so beautiful. It's so nice to have a whole day just for yourself.

Julz said...

Gosh I think that seeing my eldest go off to Varsity will be scarier than when they started primary school - thankfully mine still have a few more years left in the nest before I have to get ready for that change. LOVE the daisies that you found on your travels around CHCH. Hugs Jx


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