28 February 2009

Dancing on the Ceiling ...... Not

The last day of summer and the Mission concert have arrived. All day it rained and rained

........... and rained. We prepared our picnic of soup and bread and chocolate, wet weather food. We got out our rain gear and gum boots. My rain cape looks a bit like a giant duck costume. And set off to sit in a muddy field for a few hours.
When we arrived in Taradale, ready to boogie on down to Lionel Ritchie, Peter noticed that everyone seemed to be walking in the wrong direction. The concert had been cancelled, we did not even get out of the car. There was to be no dancing in the mud. We had to turn round and head home to eat our soup.


CurlyPops said...

Oh no! I hope it's at least re-scheduled?

SWEET MARY said...

Nic that costume is so cute! Pity about the concert - I can't believe they left it so late to cancel. Bet the soup and bread was nice - you didn't say what type.

Anne said...

We always go to the Mission, but this year had a wedding right next at the Church Rd. Sad the concert was cancelled, that is a first for the Mission! Like you the weather hampered our weekend. We were thinking of the poor people trying to get to the concert - and thinking of the mud!


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