27 September 2008

A rose to far perhaps

There was something not quite right with the dressing gown I made on Wednesday. I could not quite put my finger on what.
Then it struck me it needed a trim on the edge. So after pulling every fabric out of my stash I settled on another rose fabric, one of my favourites. Still not sure if it is perhaps a rose to far. But I like it, I will be wearing it and nobody apart from the family will see me in it (oh and just you as you read my blog). So who really cares. And of course being me I had to make it reversible. Hate doing edges, interfacings and neatening seams. So if I spill my breakfast yogurt or slobber toothpaste down it, I can quickly swap it over to the other side and nobody will know.


CurlyPops said...

Now that is absolutely fabulous!
I have that same blue floral fabric in my stash and of course I love a bit of contrasting binding thrown in too...

THE ESSESS said...

I like that its reversible I often spill food on myself?? Especially when Im out and say to myself dont spill anything, thats usually when it happens??


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