24 September 2008

Time to myself sewing

I thought I had a few hours to do some sewing today. I had the day off to watch my youngest run his cross country race. I cut out a batch of sewing, wich included - a new dressing gown, a tablecloth and a couple of other small mending projects. Then got ready to go down to my son's school, hmmmm. I could not find the car keys, after searching for 30mins, my wonderful cleaning lady took pity on me and gave me a lift down to the school. I walked back afterwards and found the car keys hanging on the key hook in the cupboard. Guess I should have looked in the obvious place. Anyway, I did not get through my large pile of sewing, only managed to get the dressing gown done. Perhaps when I grow up I will not be so scatter brained.

1 comment:

JustJess said...

What lovely fabric Nicola! It sounds like you had a very productive day.


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