05 September 2008

This Week's Bargains and some daisies.

This week's trawl of Trade Me bargains has been quite good and at some times surprising.
Starting with the surprising.  Being a girl who never actually reads the details, I thought I was just buying a cup and saucer and guess what I got a plate to.  Note to self, read the blurb before bidding, on this occasion it was beneficial to me, but there are some things on the way that perhaps if I had read the blurb I would never have actually bid.

The cheapest, a tablecloth for a princely sum of $4.  It does not fit our table totally, but I am sure it will be useful at some time.
The useful, a bunch of fabrics for my stash.  Some spotty ones for Peter's tea cosy.  81 yoyo's done, 31 to go.  And some checks just because I liked them.
And last my favourite of all.  I love this cup and saucer, again a surprise bargain.  I like to bid low and I always get out bid, which I expected on this item.  When I won the auction, I thought "Oh, dear a yellow cup and saucer, why did I bid on that".  When it arrived I though "Wow a yellow cup and saucer, I love that", and I do.  I can even convince myself that the flowers are daisies.

Tomorrow if I can get a picture of a tree I will be publishing my tree of happiness as nominated by Keriann.  Thanks Keriann.


SWEET MARY said...

Love those bargains!

handmaiden said...

I am wondering whether u could cut the cloth into teatowels


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