20 November 2008

Bathroom Renovation #10

Sorry I have not been blogging much over the last week. I have been busy painting and painting and painting and still painting. The walls are all done, the ceilings are all done and the glossing is under way.
The new look cool and calm hall. It is still a bit empty until I get round to deciding where my pictures should go.

The bathroom is finished, apart from the skirting boards and around the window, theoretically. More about that later.

New taps, sink and mirror are installed.

The new larder is painted and ready for its shelving.

The kitchen does not look so pretty. There is a lot more work to be done in there, before I can get down to the painting.

But there is a major problem in the shower. The tiles leak. Within seconds of us putting water on them, the water went through the glaze and discoloured the tiles. I know it looks like it is the grout, but it happens way to fast for the water to be soaking up from the grout. Also if you run your fingers over the tiles you can feel pits where there is no glaze. Soooooo, the whole lot have to come off. The nice new shower screen has to be taken down, the shower removed, the tiles removed and back to square one again. This time, we bought the tiles, so they are good quality and not porous. One day the new shower will be finished.
Oh and by the way my next post is my 1000th post.


CurlyPops said...

It all looks so beautiful...I absolutely love the hallway, it's very serene. I can't believe you have to pull all those tiles down. I've never heard of tiles doing that.

SWEET MARY said...

Looking great Nic - real shame about the tiles. Not a good look for the person who put them in!

Katherine said...

The bad news: the tiles have to come out. The good news: the colour of green is really cool. Just one question: why are toilet rolls always empty?

bigbucketgirl said...

Oh no! What a pain that the tiles have to come off...aaarrgh! But from where i'm sitting there is so much good to look at in your house! The colourful window is gorgeous!

Hope your tiles get sorted soon... and will you put more photos up? Love to see more!

retrorose said...

It looks good. I knew that bathroom would look better when the other stuff was done. The wood looks so good with the green. Mental note made!

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