13 November 2008

Today's Daisies #73

In the post today were some more birthday pressies for me from Peter's Mum and his Sister. A cute little owl for my phone I think, which is going on my key ring.

Another cute owl this time on a brooch.

And lastly some gorgeous earrings. Which were made by my friend Jan. I don't think that Peter's mum realised that when she bought them. So if you are reading this Susan, thank you very much and can you please pass my thanks on to your Mum too.
And just in case you are wondering where the daisies are, have a look at the owl brooch again. It has daisies for eyes.

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blueberries in the fields said...

hello nicola. i have been trying to get in touch with you with no success i thought maybe you found someone else for the french knot x-mas swap ? if you think there is still time and want to go on with me, let me know and send me your adress ok ? i don't know if you gotmy emails, i wrote a few times about 2 weeks ago and then i got so busy with my new home i completely forgot about the swap.
keep me posted !


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