02 November 2008

Bathroom Renovation #8

Our bathroom renovations at the end of week two. Well actually a bit more than bathroom renovations, we have progressed on to the kitchen. The boxing in of the new pantry has started. At the moment we can't actually close the new pantry door, because the fridge is in the way. Bad planning you might think, but actually once the horrid grey old larder in the corner is removed, we can then shift the fridges further down. But we have to wait until the new pantry is finished. A bit of a chicken and egg situation. Keriann when she visited on Friday gave me a brilliant idea for our front door. It should be red she said and demonstrated with her cardigan, and she was so right. Below are the two reds we have picked out. Peter thinks the raspberry red would be best, I am not convinced yet, but will go with his decision.
And here is the front door complete with all the weather board in place, no hole abouve the front door. Once all the work is finished I will be able to paint. What do you think, will a raspberry red door and very very pale bluey grey weather board look good. I think so. It has got to be an improvement on the current undercoat patchwork and yucky blue door.

And lastly the painted bathroom. I could not get the paint I wanted in the colour I wanted. So went for the paint I wanted in Peter's choice of green. I think it will grow on me, at the moment it seems just too intense. Perhaps once the rest of the room is put together it will reduce the effect.


retrorose said...

Hi Nicola, I'm back, thank you for visiting me. I love all the renovations. Finally I have put the pictures of your stuff on my blog! I think you are right, that green will be a grower, it looks nice.

SWEET MARY said...

The green is gorgeous and the raspberry red would be perfect!

French Knots said...

A red front door will be super, cheery on grey days! Love the stained glass too.


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