10 November 2008

Bathroom Renovation #9

End of week 3 and we are almost there. The shower is in. Minus one essential part that they forgot to send, then sent the wrong thing. Hopefully the final part of the shower will be installed tomorrow.

The hall is plastered and ready to paint.
The new pantry is boxed in and plastered ready to paint.

And all the holes and weird empty boxes have been removed and filled in. Another area ready for painting. We have been trying out colours on the boards outside the house and have decided to go with white. The main reason is that we have had so much hassle trying to match up the existing colour when it needed patched up.
All that is needed now is the floor sanded and sealed, the final plumbing done and the final electric work done and we will be finished. I can't wait. It has been ok sharing a shower with the rest of the family. But I will jump for joy the day we get a toilet back in the newly done shower room.

1 comment:

CurlyPops said...

The shower is looking lovely and the green paint is just perfect.


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