13 November 2008

The Mission Concert 2009

For the last four years we have bought tickets for the Mission Concert before the artist is announced. Its all part the fun Peter says. So far we have had some interesting outcomes. The first year Olivia Newton John and Chris De Burgh, not my cup of tea, but we had a great night. Then the year after that it was the brilliant Eric Clapton, I really enjoyed that. Last year after a few other artists cancelled we ended up with Tom Jones, which was excellent. This year we bought the tickets early again. The rumours have been flying for months - Paul Simon, Santana, Phil Collins and Bruce Springsteen were among some of the possible suggestions. Today the artist was announced, it is ............. Lionel Ritchie. Peter is not so keen, but I think it will be another great Mission Concert night, and I am ready to party all night long.


CurlyPops said...

Lionel Ritchie will be fabulous in concert. What a great suprise!

retrorose said...

I have his greatest hits I admit! Enjoy!


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