30 November 2008

Which is the real Bond

On Friday night we went to a James Bond theme party. Can you tell which is the real bond and his girl. Answers on a postcard. My eldest son did the image manipulation bit, I think he did a brilliant job. In fact if you had told me a week ago I would be dressed as a bond girl in three inch stilettos, I would have rolled about the floor laughing. We were going to go as Q and his assistant, but when we tried on our outfits we looked like a couple of dinner ladies not gadget scientists. That is why we ended up in the above disguises.

The party was held in the local cinema, complete with red carpet and paparazzi. We had canapes, martinis and champagne before the film started. And lots and lots of lollies (sweeties for any un Kiwis that are reading this) during the film. Then a bus back to their house for more food and boogieing. I had a great time, I think perhaps it is one of the best parties I have ever attended.


SWEET MARY said...

Wow! You two look amazing - I want to look like that! Party sounds great and I feel quite envious.

retrorose said...

That is hilarious. You look lovely in the get up. Great outfits1


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