21 December 2008

That Christmasey Feeling

Christmas time is here at last. I have been feeling very very un christmasey. I have had a stinkey cold, a major lack of energy and can't get motivated when the sun is shining and the garden is blooming (still can't get used to a southern hemisphere christmas, but I am working on it). I had bought no pressies and written no cards. My youngest put up the tree and decorations, singing all the time (very cute to sit back and watch). He is 8 and I think this is perhaps his last year of not being worldy wise, if you get my drift. Then yesterday morning my energy came back, even though christmas shopping with Peter drained it again. When we got home our annual hamper from my brother had arrived. Wonderful, an event I really look forward too. Nothing is wasted, the kids love to rummage around and see what delights are in the basket. I love the basket itself really useful for storing my ever increasing fabric stash. The ribbon from the wrapping goes in the ribbon box to be recycled later in the year. And lastly the packaging paper is used in the guinea pig hutches. Thank you Bryan for another lovely pressie.

Keriann and Ian came around for dinner yesterday evening and brought me another pressie. I love bonne maman jam. So Keriann had got me these tiny little ones. So cute. I will even treasure the little jars when the jam is finished, I am sure they are the right size for storing craft supplies.

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CurlyPops said...

Yummy hampers and yummy jams are always winners! That definitely is a lovely basket for craft supplies.


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