26 December 2008

Today's Daisies #75 and My own little elf - Christmas part 2

My youngest has spent a number of days in the garage hammering and glueing and sawing and being very busy, singing christmas songs. He then used nearly all of my wrapping paper and appeared with a number of large pressies for under the tree.
He had made a pressie for each of us. A model toothbrush for his dad the dentist, a back scratcher for his eldest brother (no idea why), a machine gun for his other brother (slightly worrrying) and best of all he made the daisy picture above for me. He must have spent ages hammering in nails and then pulling them out again. I love it. I am going to treat it with oil and hang it on the wall to be treasured. Who could ask for more, a happy generous creative 8 year old son and a brilliant pressie.

1 comment:

CurlyPops said...

That is such a beautiful present and a hand crafted masterpiece. Wow!


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