30 December 2008

Weekend Skirt

After three years of use my weekend skirt has finally had to be relegated to the rag basket, and I miss it. I am now going to have to find a new weekend skirt. Just in case you are wondering what a weekend skirt is, it is the skirt I put on at the weekend when there is nowhere to go and nothing much to do. When I wear it I know I can potter around and chill out. The properties that a skirt requires to be a weekend skirt are, it should be a fabric I love, have some daisies on it somewhere, be comfortable, be suitable to garden in and suitable to go to the market in.
This is option number one, it fits a couple of the criteria, but I am not sure I would want to be see wearing it anywhere but at home. It is just tooo turquoise.

Option number 2, I love this skirt. Unfortunatly it falls down in one area. It is not quite as comfie as is required. It is just an itsy bitsy too small. Maybe it is worth loosing a couple of pounds for.

Option number three, used to be a dress which for some reason I converted into a skirt. I can't remember why now. There is one problem with this skirt, it is a little to big and has a habit of slipping down when I am carrying things. This could easily be sorted. But perhaps what I should do is make a new one. I could deconstruct my old skirt and create a new one to the same pattern. Hmmm, which now raises the problem of finding the fabric. Until then I think perhaps option 2 is going to be the temporary weekend skirt, I will just have to breathe in.

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