30 December 2008

Creativity at last

Now that christmas is out of the way. House renovation painting is out of the way for a couple of weeks. I promise to give you an update on the renovations soon. The house was cleaned and tidied. All the little bits of gardening have been finished, well never finished in the garden, but fine for just now. Peter was back at work, my youngest was playing happily. Time for me to do some sewing. Now, the longest part of my sewing is browseing through my stash of stuff trying to figure out what goes with what. Everything gets pulled out and there are piles of fabric everywhere.

I started off with some new cushions. Though not happy with the result, I think I should have put an edge on them in some way, will think about that and prehaps change them again some time.

Another project that has been waiting for a while, is a new tea cosy for Peter. His old one I did about 6 years ago and is looking very rough. In fact so rough I just through it in the bucket.

So here it is the new tea cosy. I have had the blue fabric for a long time waiting to be used. And because I always have to make things reversible, below is the other side.
Now, that has given me an idea, I wonder if I could make a reversible weekend skirt. Hmm, guess I need a visit to Spotlight to find some interesting fabrics.

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