07 April 2009

The Lady of Shallot and Autumn

As I sit resting on the sofa in our lounge I can see through the mirror above our fireplace glimpses of Autumn. It makes me feel a bit like the Lady of Shallot, viewing the world through a mirror.
Thankfully I get to turn around and view the reality of the world in all its Autumn glory, unlike the poor Lady of Shallot. In our garden there are just a few little touches, at the moment.

A promise of what is yet to come.

Some new vistas opened up when I cleared some lower branches, the day I broke my ankle.

Before I cleared the lower branches of the Liquidamber tree it was difficult to see the Pseudopanx above. But it is such a beautiful tree and so typically Kiwi, I am so glad we have a few of them in our garden.

When I get a chance to leave the garden and get out into the big bad world (not being able to drive because of my broken ankle, has limited my trips) Autumn is in full beautiful swing.


Pixie said...

good golly, you don't like to do things by halves do you? Now seriously, I am sorry you had to spend the weekend in hospital. The view looks good. the trees in your garden are stunning. I was hoping you'd be at symposium at the weekend, but maybe not. look after yourself. I'm sure you're way better looking in your own clothes rather than that glamorous gown!

retrorose said...

God Nicola, A CLOT! What are you like? Hope you are feeling better soon. Gx


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