06 April 2009

Today's Daisies #82

Today I am feeling a bit floppy and past it like the daisies below. On Saturday morning I was feeling not great and had some pains in my chest. I thought they were just muscle pains from using the crutches. Just to be sure we went to see my GP. Who suggested that I should go straight to the Emergency Dept. Peter tried to pay the bill on the way out, no no she said, we can sort that out later. In other words, don't wait just go straight there.
Anyway, we got to the ED and sat about for a little while, while they tried to find my notes. Not helped by the fact that the Doctor had muddled me up with a different Nicola. Peter had to go back to sort out the kids, so he left me sitting in the waiting room. By the time he got back I had be poked and prodded and had blood extracted and x-rays done and CT scan done and ultrasound scan done and was attached to monitors and given oxygen. Don't I look great in the lovely hospital gown.
Because I have a cast on my ankle I managed to acquire a DVT in my calf. Which then disintegrated a bit and moved some of the clot into my lungs. So I got to spend the weekend in hospital.

On the upside I got a bed with a view and watched the sunrise.

I am home now. I have to have daily blood tests to set my Warfarin level and daily injections into my stomach, for a week or so. I chickened out at doing the injections myself, so Peter is doing them for me.
Who would have thought that gardening could be so dangerous.


SWEET MARY said...

You look very pretty in your gown!

CurlyPops said...

OMG how scary. Thank goodness you're ok!


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