15 April 2009

Today's Daisies #85

Today's daisies are on some beautiful fabric I ordered from Rossville Quilts. I would like to some time do a quilt with thirties inspired fabrics. Another project to add to the long list. And some red and white fabrics for my long planned red and white log cabin quilt. Because I am spending a lot of time sitting down I am getting a bit bored. So when I saw a link to the above quilt shop I thought I would have a quick browse. I am glad I did, they had a great sale on and some beautiful fabrics. I placed my order and got a confirmation email straight away. The lady at Rossville Quilts suggested that for the same postage I could include another couple of yards of fabrice. What quilter could resist such a helpful suggestion. A very good sales ploy, sell more fabric and give the customer the impression they have saved money, a win win situation for everyone.

The fabric arrived very promptly, one week from ordering to the fabric arriveing in my letter box, all neatly packed.
Peter wheeled me around Spotlight last week to get some knitting wool for another scarf. I spotted these lovely fabrics on the way past and could not resist. All I need now is my energy back so I can do some sewing. Maybe next week.

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