24 April 2009

Today's Daisies #86 and lots of Bargains

No this is not a daisy, but it is the reason why I found my daisy bargains. My youngest went to a dress up birthday party yesterday as an elf. For his costume he reused a Knight Templar costume I made last year for him. It had to be inside out to hide the big red cross as apparently elfs don't have crosses on their cloaks! To make the elf ears I needed some skin coloured felt from Spotlight. The ears worked quite well for a two minute creation don't you think.
Peter dropped me and the wheelchair at Spotlight while he went to the optitions. I was in heaven, they have a mega sale on there at the moment. I had to make the most of my time as this was my last wheelchair trip. We had to hand it back to the hire place that day. My ankle has improved enough to put weight on it with the help of the crutches, I don't have to hop anymore. The problem is my lack of energy and breath. I can manage about five minutes before I need to rest. Anyway back to daisies. In the sale they have quilt fabric at $2 per metre, an incredible price. How could I resist, especially the red and white daisy fabric to be added to my stash for the red and white quilt that I will do very soon (yeh right). An odd group of fabrics, but they will be very useful for different projects I have planned.
I also bought some of the fabrics below. Not my usual style, but again I have plans. I always have plans, one day I might even put some of these plans into action.

I got some teddy fabric to back baby quilts.

While I was waiting for Peter I had a good rummage around the rest of Spotlight, it was difficult to drag myself away from the fabric. I am so glad I did, because I found king size duvet covers for $20, reduced from $120. Our duvet covers are getting a bit worn out and I have been looking for new ones for ages. Problem was I could not find any I liked, and did not want to pay $100 for something I did not even like. What I really wanted was something red and white with stripes and florals. Guess what I found, actually it was Peter that found the red one when he came back to drag me out of Spotlight. We also found a blue one and a stripey double one for one of my sons beds. So we got three duvet covers for the half the price of one full price duvet cover. A very good feeling.

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three buttons said...

My what BIG ears you have! :)
Your son would of been over the moon with those elf ears!!

Handsome Steve and I wanted to say thank you for joining our giveaway!!!

Great fabric shopping!


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