10 April 2009

The slow road down hil

Both Peter and I hate taking medicine of any sort. We are not into alternative medicine either, we just like to have a good balanced healthy life. Unfortunately due to recent circumstances I now have a handbag full of drugs to carry around. There is two different types of Warfarin. A little red book to record my INR levels so that the doctor can get my warfarin correct and to let the emergency services know I am on warfarin if I am in an accident. Mega doses of ibuprofen for the pain in my chest and some omeprazol to make sure I don't get stomach problems from the ibuprofen! Hopefully I will get rid of some of this stuff soon. I hate the thought that this is the beginning of the slow road down hill to being past it. I have way to much too do before I get to that stage.
My cast has been removed and I have a lovely large Velcro moon boot to wear. Which is brilliant, I get to take it off to have a shower and at night. It also means I can put my foot on the ground, no more hopping.

Yip I have taken up knitting as I have to spend so much time sitting down. I must be anticipating a cold winter as I have knitted a huge thick green scarf. It should keep me cosy.

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Julz said...

Glad to hear that the cast is off - sexy looking accessory you are now wearing :) Scarf is looking great. Hugs Jx


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