21 February 2008

Nicola's Daisies #26

Today's daisies are on the back of a cool quilt that my friend Keriann bought very cheaply in an op shop(charity shop for the UK readers).
Keriann has such a good eye for spotting a bargin quilt. We had an afternoon out to go to a quilting fabric sale, on the way there we had a little trawl around an op shop. I got a couple of jigsaws for my youngest and while Keriann was looking for something she had put down by mistake she found the quilt below. Another incredible bargin, all hand appliqued in liberty fabric.
Keriann, I hope you don't mind me putting your photo on my blog.

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Hi Nicola,
I'm a bad girl as I have been neglecting to read your blog posts regularly! I must have missed a few of them. Keriann looks as lovely as ever. The quilts were a fantastic charity shop find!! They call them 'thrift' shops here in Canada.


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