17 February 2008

This is.......... what makes me laugh

No chopsticks are not what makes me laugh, what really makes me laugh until tears come to my eyes is my family. The little things, like last evening we went out for tea at the local thai restaurant with the kids. We were talking about words that had two meanings, such as fire can be fire or it can be to be fired. Or glass can be glass in a window or the glass you drink out of. We were all fireing of words and my youngest was looking a bit sorry for himself as he could not think of one. Until he piped up "Oh, I have one. " and just then there was one of those quite lulls in the whole of the restaurant. "Its but and butt" pointing at his butt. I am sure the whole restaurant heard. I know you have to be there to appreciate this type of humour, but it gets me everytime. Like earlier today at the farmers market, Peter was chatting to the guy while buying a cup of coffee. The guy was asking where we had moved from, to which we answered Scotland. The guy then asked Peter if he had brought his kilt with him. Peter thought he had asked did you bring your kids with you, so he answered "Yes, we brought all three and they are settling really well.". The coffee guy looked very confused at the scotsman whos kilts were settling into Hawkes Bay. Peter was still oblivious and wondered why the tears were pouring down my face with laughter.
My favourite comedian is Bill Bailey, I love his sense of humour. As for programs that make me laugh out loud, here we go there are a lot of them. Black Books, Spaced, Green Wing, Armstrong and Miller, Katherine Tate, Little Briton, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Two Pints of Lager. If I had the chance to watch any program on tv I would always go for a good comedy.

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Anonymous said...

great selection.

Do you noticed there seems to be a very definite lean towards British comedy.

thanks for sharing


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