20 February 2008

Today's Daisies # 25 ........... Lisa's Quilt

I am at the thinking stage of a quilt I want to make for my sort of Step Daughter (she is the daughter of my ex, wonder if there is a correct term for this relationship, perhaps good friend is the best description). She is 28 and seriously into fairies. So I found the above cute little guys, each fairy is about the size of my little finger. Notice the daisies on the grass.
I have been playing about with them and can't make up my mind which colour I like best. I want to do a "quilt as you go" construction method, just like the chicken one I did in the Spring. Simple blocks with fairies in the centre.A bit like the layout below, just not sure if I should have all the blocks the same colour, different fabrics. Or if I should use lots of different colours. Would welcome any suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

The Chicken Quilt is well loved in California. It is wonderful to cuddle up with. The Fairy Quilt will bring happy thoughts too. We all like the multi colour backgrounds. Happy quilting. Katherine et al.


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