27 February 2008

Today's Art Deco Daisy #27

Remember I could not find a daisy for Art Deco weekend, well I have found one, I just needed to look up and there it was. Along the main shopping street in Napier there are so many beautiful Art Deco frontages, but I never look up at them.
Even the drain covers in Napier are Art Deco style. Not a style I was particularly fond off until I moved to Hawkes Bay, I am a real Art Noveau girl. It has really grown on me since then.
Detail from one of the pressed tin roofs that line the streets.
I love the simple detail on this building, even the fire escape ladders fit in perfectly.I could not resist including this weatherboard church. Not Art Deco, but very cute. I love weatherboard churches. I will have to post a pic sometime of the church in Dannevirke that is made of wood and painted to look like sandstone.

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