27 February 2008

When I was little ......

Mum emailed me some pictures she has had converted from slides. Here I am standing on the our gate in I think my bathing costume and best cardi. Peter thinks this one looks spooky, like some ghost child that only appears later when the picture is developed.
Do you remember my ironing pile collection, I obviously got into training early. I think my little slippers look so cute.
This is me with my little brother, sorry Bryan. Mum used to put his carry cot on the sledge and pull him around, instead of trying to get a pram through the snow. I think I must have tucked my dress into my trousers that day just to keep extra warm, I was a child that always felt the cold. Not anymore living in sunny Hawkes Bay.

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retrorose said...

Oh how cute! Old pictures say so much don't they. I have been friends with a girl so long there are slides of us playing together as toddlers. I must dig them out. Thanks for showing those.


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