29 February 2008

Today's Daisies #29

Today's daisies #29 on leap day 29th February. After nearly a whole year of finishing off that daizies quilt, I have been able to get back to my Jacob's Ladder daisy quilt. It took we one afternoon to complete one and a half blocks, and I am nearly a quarter of the way through it. A much more enjoyable pattern and much more fun to do. Hopefully it will be finished by spring time ready to go on my bed, as that is about six months away, I think I am quite safe.

Scatter the guinea pig is now so fat she can hardly sqash her way out of the penthutch. Still no sign of the patter of little feet. Though the maternity hutch is ready and on hand. We are still not sure who the midwife will be, but my eldest son and I have been doing extensive research courtesy of Wikipedia.

The countdown to Tom Jones is well under way. In 24hrs time I will be sitting on that hill in the rain, and Tom will be getting ready to appear on stage. Can't wait. For those of you who missed the previous post the Napier Mission Concert, held at the Mission Estate Winery, this year is Tom Jones. It should have been John Cougar, but he pulled out. Can I also say, before I get asked one more time, there will be no Knickers thrown at the stage from our perch on the hill side. One, I can't throw that far and two my Knickers are staying firmly where they be belong.

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