23 February 2008

More New Additions

Do you remember those guinea pigs we got a couple of months ago, the ones that the pet shop assured us were both girls. Well guess what, I was right they are not both girls. Caramello is definately a boy and Scatter is definately a girl. How did I find this out? When we were moving the hutch to a new patch of grass yesterday, I noticed that Scatter was an odd eggplant shape. Ooops thought I and went off to google pregnant guinea pigs. Which suprise, suprise look the same shape as our poor Scatter. If you hold her very, very gently you can feel things moveing around inside, so I image the happy event is not far in the future. I have no idea when they will arrive and I have no idea what to do with them, but I do know that poor old Caramello will probably be off to the vets for a little op, very, very soon. Guess I better get the boys to start building an extension to the pent hutch. Especially as we might also be inheriting a rabbit from a family moving out of the area. All we need next is some hens and a couple of ducks.And just in case you were wondering, no those are not my hairy arms and legs, they belong to my Hubby.


periwinkle said...

Just wanted to say Hi, I found your link via The Old Quilt. You have such a lovely Blog and your quilts are amazing--as are your photos. Lisa x

ryan said...

Hi Nicola,
That is a very pregnant guinea pig.
Hope all is well, Poland is freezing!
I'm not sure if i gave you my latest blog, but if not it is http://myyearinpoland.blogspot.com
And I've actually been writing in it!
Happy times from Poland!


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