12 February 2010

The almost before pictures

Before Peter rips it all out saws it up and reconfigures it I thought you should see some pictures of the kitchen as it is now.
Not a totally before picture because we have already started work on the kitchen.
Last year we ripped out the old ugly pantry and replaced it with nothing at all.
The base units will all be painted off white apart from the island unit, which will either be green or blue. Which one do you think looks best. I prefer the green. Which leads me to have to say this, and I am really sorry to all you born and bred Kiwis, but I will be so glad to get rid of that horrible grey, brown elephant colour which seems to be a big Kiwi favourite. When we moved into this house, the hall, the kitchen and the sitting room were all painted the same horrible browney grey. By this time next week it might be gone.

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