28 February 2010

This weekend's progress in the Kitchen

This is how the kitchen looked at the start of the weekend. We have a sink at last, not plumbed in yet.
Various random bits of old worktop.
And Peter's tea making corner all installed.
By the end of the weekend we have running water and drainage.
Dishwasher fitted and some of the doors installed.
The island unit has been painted and installed. What do you think of the colour? We took a lot of time to choose it, I think it works, but would value your comments. The rest of the units will be painted off-white. I think the old black bench tops look good. I hope the unit will look as good with the rimu bench tops. Unfortunately it is going to take quite a while before we can afford them.
Peter could not wait to get in there and do some cooking. I could not wait to taste the resulting casserole. It was really worth the wait.

1 comment:

Jen said...

so very nice
bless Peter :)


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