01 February 2010

Bargain Kitchen

No this is not my house. This is the kitchen we just bought from Trade Me. I know this is taking my door collection to another level. But you got to admit we got a bargain. Some of it is a bit tired, but with a bit of care and attention and a few pots of paint it should look great. And before you ask, yes I did measure.
With the kitchen came - the sink unit, a glass wall unit, a microwave cabinet, 4 larder doors, cladding for the sides of the larder, cooker hood housing, dishwasher, bench (work) tops, oven, hob, drawer units, hob splash back etc. etc. and all in beautiful rimu.

There was really only one part of the kitchen I wanted. The oven and the hob which have had a full life and will just need to go to the dump, along with most of the bench top. The remaining bench top is going to be used in the laundry. Now on a slight sidetrack - we were looking at bench tops in the local DIY mega store yesterday. Do you have any wooden bench tops I asked. Oh yes here is one right behind you they said. Oh no I said I wanted real wooden bench top. But that is a real wooden bench top they said. Really said I sceptically. Yes they said, feel underneath you can feel the real wood. How much is that I said. $5000 for that piece they said. As we wandered off bemused we wondered how on earth they had managed to turn a lovely big lump of wood into a horrible plastic like very expensive lump of wood. If anyone out there knows where we can buy wooden bench tops that have not been messed about with please leave me a comment. Sorry for the sidetrack, now back to the bargain kitchen. The microwave unit, the cooker hood housing and the splash back are going straight back on to Trade Me to be sold on as we don't need them.
The double drawer dishwasher has already been sold on Trade Me. The buyer is going to pick it up tomorrow morning. We have a newer model one already in our existing kitchen.
But what about the part of the kitchen that you really wanted I here you say. Here it is a wonderful 2010mm long glass doored wall cabinet. I have been looking for one for my kitchen for soooooo long. Its cool to find one at last. Don't you just love to stand around watching a man work.
I could not wait to get him out of the way so I could move all my china over.

Last time Peter installed a kitchen for me, he started before Callum was born and finished it when Callum was 4. Just in time for us to sell the house and move out. I really hope that this time things move a little faster.


kiwicarole said...

Love reading your blog! Very amusing, and I love beetroot sandwiches too! (I wish Mr Madness and Mess was as handy as your man!)
:) carole

jen said...

nice looking kitchen unit

yoiur hubby reminds me of my brother in law my sis had nearly the same problem until they were helped out by friends :) :)

Michelle said...

What an amazing idea, and it looks great, as always!


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