12 February 2010

What better after a very hot friday - a wine slushy

Today in Napier the temperature hit 35 centigrade. Very, very hot. As it is Friday I was looking forward to a nice cool glass of savy (Sauvigon Blanc to the rest of the world) in the evening. When I got the shopping home I put the wine straight in the freezer. Wine connoisseurs should stop reading now. By 8pm we had wine slushys. You do have to be very careful how many of them you drink or you could end up like this!

Well actually the above photo was taken before the wine. He just likes to get his head into all the pictures.


kiwicarole said...

These look totally refreshing, and VERY drinkable! lol

Jen said...

yum I will have to try that

thanks for the temperature reading I knew it was HOT!!!


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