14 February 2010

The mission 2010

What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon, sitting on a hill side overlooking Napier listening to cool blues tunes. Even thought there seemed to be a human gannet colony in front of us.Part of the fun of the Mission Concert is people watching. This year did not disappoint. From the guy who was vogue dancing to the girls on a hen night, the pictures of which I definitely can't publish.
Another part of the fun is the wonderful picnic that Peter spends all day cooking.

There were lots of girls in sparkly dresses.
Lots of bros in 'fros.
Wonderful atmospheric sunsets.

And a lot of excellent music, loud singing and wild dancing (and that was just me). It was a bit disconcerting that the three St Johns ambulance people, complete with strecher and defibrilator, came and sat on the hill beside me. I think they were just enjoying my dancing. Peter thinks they were just waiting for me to fall over, roll down the hill and break another few bones. Thankfully I stayed upright and in one piece. Unfortunately, I did not get any videos of Peter dancing it was too dark, maybe next year.

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Jen said...

sounds like it was good


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