14 February 2010

Goodbye Phil

Ever since I can remember the radio series The Archers has been part of my life. I remember my Granny listening to them when I was tiny and my Mum also. When I left home to go to college I started listening myself. Each weekday I try to catch them on the BBC iplayer. Part of my link back to the UK. Today out of the blue while listening to Fridays episode Jill came home to find Phil dead, asleep in this chair listening to Elgar. I know this is just a radio show, and that is what makes drama drama. And it was a wonderful way to go if you have to go. But so much of a shock for me. Of course I had to google what was going on, to find out the actor who played Phil for over 60 years, Norman Painting, died in October. Every Archer's fan in the UK probably knew this. I did not, hence the shock. I basically just wanted to say that I for one appreciated his work and enjoyed having his character as part of my life for so long. So goodbye Phil Archer/Norman Painting and thank you.

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