18 February 2010

My kitchen or lack of it

Stage one - Emptying the cupboards, isn't it amazing what you find tucked in the back of there. And how much stuff you have that you don't need. I took a whole box of stuff to the charity shop. And came out of the shop with a pair of inline skates and a waistcoat. The inline skates for my 17 year old and the waistcoat to use for dress up at my youngests drama class.
Stage two - Removing the old. Its amazing what a big room our kitchen is when you strip it all out. Peter still managed to keep a space for his kettle and tea pot.
We are keeping some parts. The very small looking cupboard carcass above is going to become an island unit in the middle of the kitchen. The shelves in one of the carcasses are going to be pulled out, stripped down and used as work bench tops in part of the kitchen. They don't look good now, but they will when finished. We are getting the rest of the work benches made up from recycled rimu at the building recyclers, hopefully.

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