31 May 2008

Bargain Hunt

Today Keriann and I went on a bargain hunt. We headed south into Central Hawkes Bay. Our first stop was for morning tea at Paper Mulberry. My third trip there and the first time it has been open.
Instead of a number to show which table the waitress should bring your food to, we were handed a small stuffed toy. At first I thought we were going to get this lovely Eeyore. But instead we ended up with a weight lifting kiwi!
I had a date scone and a cup of tea, which tasted as good as it looks.
Next stop was Waipawa(thank you to the persone who pointed out my misspelling) to visit a couple of second hand shops. I could have spent a fortune but restrained myself very well. Also spotted this cute church round the back of the shops.
Spotted a very large yellow rubber duck, which really was as big as it looks. From Waipawa we headed down to Waipukurau to visit Quiltworks, will post a pic tomorrow of the couple of fat quarters I picked up. Then home to Peter and some soup and bread he had spent the morning cooking for me. Now how is that for a perfect day. Below is my bargain, a little basket to hold my fire lighting pine cones, boy do those pine cones burn well. To see Keriann's bargains have a look over here, she was far more sucessful at bargain hunting than I was.


CurlyPops said...

What a lovely day...the weather looks perfect in the photos!

Anonymous said...

Wipawa = Waipawa

SWEET MARY said...

Haven't done my blog yet but hopefully tonight - Sweet Mary. It wasn't me - the anonymous comment.

Nicola said...

Thank you to the anonymous person who pointed out my misspelling of Wiapawa. I hate it when I spell place names incorrectly. Especially one I should know.

Thanks Nic


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