11 May 2008

This is ........ the best advice my Mum has given me

This is, this week, is my Mum, as it is Mothering Sunday. If you want to see some other Mums look over here.

All of the advice that my Mum gives me is the best advice and she is always right. She is also always there to pick up the peices when I chose not to take her advice. I hope that I will be able to be there for my kids like she has been there for me. Thanks once again Mum.


JustJess said...

It's a wonderful thing to appreciate mum. I just hope my littlies appreciate me when they are older!

Hazel said...

Lovely words Nicola. I sure hope that my daughters listen to 'some' of the advice I give them too :)

Maureen said...

Oh what a wise daughter you are Nicola!! ;-) I hope your mother sees this.


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