03 May 2008


Some blue pics as promised. Sorry they are a day late. I was absent for a couple of days, because my youngest had to suddenly go into hospital for some tests. Panic is over now and he is his normal self. The scarey tests have been completed and showed up no problems at all, we have to wait for a couple of weeks for the rest of the the tests. Thank you to my lovely hubbie for posting Thursday's red pics, which where taken before the panic started and then composed in the hospital with the aid of my youngest.

Now blue pics have taken me by suprise, I thought red was my favourite colour. But my house is full of blue things, especially my kitchen. So I have had to do two pictures just because I could not decide upon my favourite 36!

While taking a pic of a blue truck this morning, its owner rushed out to ask why I was taking a pic of his truck. He was OK once I explained, what I was doing. But I knew it would happen eventually, that sombody would want to know why I was taking pictures of their door, house, letterbox, garden etc. Have any of you had this happen when you were taking snaps of things? Leave a comment with your experiences I would love to know.

Can you spot the spider in each of the collages (you can enlarge the images by clicking on them, to get a better look)? Apologies to anyone that does not like spiders.

Thanks so much to Leya over at Curious Bird. This has been so much fun taking these pics this week. I have enjoyed it so much I would like to do it again. So please, please leave a comment if you can think of any other weeks I could have. Such as a week of collections (don't we all have lots of those) or a week of patterns. I would love to have your suggestions on this.

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