04 May 2008

This is...........the pair of shoes that I would sleep in if I could + extras

This weeks "This is..." is about shoes and it brought to my attention the fact that I have become middle aged. In my pile of shoes in the corner, there are no shoes that I would sleep in if I could. All of my shoes are practical and useful, or should I say just downright sensible. How boring. Its time I broke out of this frame of mind and grab a pair of unsensible shoes. But if I could afford them I would like a pair of these from Overland. Now don't you think these are a pair of boots to sleep in.
The extra bit for this week's "This is" is ............ This is a picture of me pre 1985. I suspect this was taken around about 1983 - 84. I seem to have a kitten attached to my shoulder.


CurlyPops said...

I love your actual shoe collection...they're all just the same as the type of shoes that I would buy....flat. comfy, practical and pretty, all at the same time.

Jenny said...

There is nothing wrong with practical comfy shoes but those boots are amazing!

a home far away said...

The red boots are fabolous! I want I want:_)

Hugs from Singapore

Brenda Kula said...

I'm not into shoes. But my husband is. He can't get enough. Me, I'm content in flip-flops. Love the kitten "attachment!"

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I like your shoe collection! They are the type that I wear most days and there's lots of Mary Janes in there ;)

BUT I just love those boots! To die for!

Maureen said...

The pic with you and the kitten looks very PreRaphaelite...the boots would go well with that look. ;-)

Lisa said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your shoe collection. If I lived in a cooler climate, mine would look almost identical.

Nice pre 85 shot too.


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