22 May 2008

Big Waves

On my way into work in the mornings I drive along the side of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe tomorrow I will try to get some pics of the roads I drive along. Quite often I want to stop and take photos of something that has caught my attention, but quite often I am late for work and can't stop.
This morning I was early for a change. I had time to stop, rush across the road and snap some of the huge, beautiful, powerful waves that were crashing on the beach.

Unfortunatly I could not get anything in the picture to give you some frame of reference, but these waves were perhaps twice my height. Needless to say, I stayed well back. Marine Parade is not a good place to swim, the rip is too strong and has pulled people of the beach before. What it is though is very, very beautiful.


Annie said...

I LOVE the curly cactus . . . and the waves. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

I can almost smell the sea air looking at these photos.


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